Immigration Reform Efforts Denied

President Biden created the Build Back Better framework, which aims to invest in climate change efforts, children and caregiving struggles, affordable healthcare, and immigration reform. Amongst the immigration reforms, Democrats sought to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation for five years and allow immigrants who arrived in the U.S. prior to 2011 to be eligible to apply for five-year renewable employment authorization.

The bill, in its entirety, would cost just under $2 trillion, and Democrats initially hoped to have the bill pushed forward by Christmas 2021. While the president believes that the bill will be passed, President Biden and Democrats now acknowledge that getting the immigration reforms through Congress may be more difficult than they anticipated.

With a one-seat majority, Democrats tried to pass the bill through reconciliation, which allows for legislation to pass the Senate with a simple majority vote. Because of Congressional rules, reconciliation measures should relate to the budget. The Senate parliamentarian is tasked with deciding if the measures meet this requirement and if they can or cannot be passed. Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough has denied the reforms for a third time—stating the bill’s reforms will affect more than just the budget.

Democrats still have a few options to override MacDonough’s decision, and they have not abandoned the reforms. With elections on the horizon, many advocates are wary about the reforms’ future.

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